How it started

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of South River Band in 2010, they prepared a folk music festival in Reykjavik with the purpose of being a venue for different kinds of bands but all with the common thread to perform folk music, blues, world music and a mixture of all this.
Folk music has often been defined as the music of the common working hero, a musical heritage that has been carried between generations. Often, this is because friends or families have come together, sung and improvised. Folk music is the music of the common people.
The members of South River Band felt that there was a lack of such a festival in Iceland. Reykjavik Folk Festival 2010 was their answer. They wanted to emphasize the joy of playing and listening to music, rather than research and discussions on the roots of music. Reykjavik Folk Festival should be a venue for playing folk music from different places of the world, not just Icelandic music.
Reykjavik Folk Festival is designed in similar way as many other international folk festivals. Acoustic instruments are favoured and love for the music is emphasized. The first Reykjavik Folk Festival was held on Kaffi Rosenberg in downtown Reykjavik March 10th - 13th 2010.
The initiator and manager of the first Reykjavik Folk Festival was Olafur Thordarson, a well known and loved musician in Iceland, one of the members of famous Rio Trio, Kuran Swing, South River Band and other bands. Thordarson has been the agent for many musicians and other performing artists for the last decades through his agency, Thusund thjalir.